Euroaction has aimed to offer specialized services to private and public sector institutions and organizations since its founding in 2007. Our team consistently prioritizes and actualizes our clients’ goals, resulting in a broad and multidimensional field of action that supports growth and innovation through specialized projects. For example, we conduct viability and feasibility studies that focus on market and business size and characteristics, as well as potential weaknesses, risks, and prospects.

Our scientific team can analyze a business’s current state and develop a comprehensive restructuring plan that presents all available options. This plan clearly depicts the company’s situation, identifies existing problems, and offers various solution scenarios for the entrepreneur to consider.

To support small and medium-sized businesses, Euroaction has assembled a group of experienced, active bankers, legal experts, and economists. Together with the entrepreneur, we can create a structured and specialized business plan that is exclusively presented to the banks providing financing. The implementation of such a plan improves the company’s negotiating power with the bank by providing a structured, realistic, and practical plan for continuing business operations and repaying debts. Additionally, the plan serves as an important resource for the bank to make decisions regarding the regulation and orderly repayment of debts, as it documents the business’s sustainable and uninterrupted operation.