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The company Euroaction A.E. is active in the provision of consulting services to public and private entities. A key component of the successful course and development of Euroaction A.E. are its people. Its executive staff consists of qualified scientists with many years of experience in consulting businesses and organizations as well as in the management of financial programs and implementation investment projects.

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From the moment it was founded in 2007, as an evolution of the company Action and Partners, until today, Euroaction A.E acts and operates with the aim of offering specialized services to institutions and organizations of the Private and Public sector. Today, it has a network of offices in Thessaloniki, Athens and Kilkis with partners throughout Greece and abroad, and now occupies a leading position in the field of Consulting Services, based on the clientele and the approved investment plans it manages.

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How we work

Based on modern trends that require specialization and full coverage of the needs of agencies and businesses, Euroaction A.E. has executives and partners with a variety of knowledge and experience, which guarantee the result.

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Pepper & NAO

Pepper the humanoid robot was designed to communicate and interact with humans, so it has natural body language. With the appropriate software application, it can be used in industries with different needs, e.g. tourism, health, retail, education, entertainment, experiential marketing etc. as well as in events of all kinds.

Entrepreneurship Platform

The possibilities provided through the “StartYourBusiness” application concern both old professionals, in the context of the reorganization and modernization of their businesses, and young people who are interested, in the environment of the new times, in establishing their own business.

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In the context of the European project Interreg Greece – Albania, with Title: “cross border traditional brekfast” and acronym “CBTB”, the company Euroaction participates as a contractor of the project.

Interreg Greece- Albania

CBTB - Info Day

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CBTB - Workshop

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In the context of the European project Interreg Greece – Bulgaria, with the Title: “Growing Social”, the company Euroaction participates as the manager of the project.

Interreg Greece- Bulgaria Growing Social
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In the context of the action Research Create Innovate with Project Title: Social Robots as Tools in Special Education and acronym CoiRo3E, the following are the publicity actions:

KoiRo3E Project Logo
Mrs. Vasiliki Holeva speaks to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, on the show of Fani Grigoriadis and Anastasia Telianidou, "Octo me ton". .​ Greek language audio
Every day Greece at G.N. Papageorgiou
ERT in G.N. Papageorgiou
Every day Greece at G.N. Papageorgiou
Drama event 29/01/23
Drama event 29/01/23
Every day Greece at G.N. Papageorgiou

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About Euroaction

Since 2007, Euroaction has been specialized in providing high level consulting services in the public and private sector. The company’s goal is to promote growth, entrepreneurship, innovation and efficiency in various sectors.