WETLAB-USE Network of referenceLabsassessingenvironmentalquality for wateruses

WETLAB-USE’s overall objective was to strengthen the collaboration between the competent authorities and institutions of the Greece and Bulgaria in order to create a supportive mechanism for harmonizing water quality assesment procedures related to Issuing Permits to public and private Water Users, in the context of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the transboundary Srimon/Sturma and Nestos/Mesta river basins, so as to increase Competitiveness of the cross-border area by promoting Quality Water Use in all fields of economic activity (agricultural, industrial, household, recreational and environmental).

Specific sub-objectives of the project were also:

  1. To strenghten the collaboration between stakeholders of the two countries and to increase interaction with Water Users by developing good practices and enhancing services related to issuing Water Use Permits through the use of ICT tools.
  2. To create a cross-border Network of cooperating Labs exchanging experiences and know-how on water quality analysis and harmonizing the relevant procedures for providing better services to public-private Water Users of the cross-border area
  3. To promote the Use of Quality Water through the creation of a public access Quality Water Users registry, thus increasing the competitiveness of Quality Water Users of the Cross-border area
  4. To invest in human capital and increase capacity of local officers and public/private actors of the two countries on water quality monitoring and assessment procedures
  5. To create sustainable joint cross-border structures with the capacity to act as a ‘One-stop-shop’ concerning information providing, guiding Water Users and supervising the routing of procedures related to Quality Water Uses and issuing of permits

Our contribution

Euroaction SA undertook the management and coordination of the project on behalf of the the Decentralised Administration of Macedonia and Thrace (LP) as well as the development of an e-registry and e-services for Quality Water Users which was implemented into three stages:

  • system analysis, design and development of the e-registry and e-services
  • pilot application of the system
  • elaboration of a users’ guide and training

Additionally, we implemented the following actions:

  • Inventory of current Water Monitoring capacity,
  • Monitoring  guidelines at a river-basin scale,
  • Interlaboratory calibration & debugging”